Privacy Policy

At Montierth Enterprises, we treat the privacy of our customers very seriously. We are committed to protecting the personal details of our customers and this is the reason we have in place a privacy policy that describes how we collect process, store, and use this information. By visiting and using our website, you hereby agree to accept the rules of this privacy policy.

What information do we collect?

We collect non personal information from every visitor who comes to our website. We make use of cookies to collect this non personal information from the visitors. This includes

  • The IP address
  • The web page that directed the visitor to us
  • The OS being used by the visitor
  • Search key words used by the visitor

We collect personal information from our visitors who buy our products, contact us, and register to become a member. These include

  • Name
  • Gender
  • Address
  • Age

How we use the information collected from you?

The information collected from you is solely used to improve your user experience while visiting and using our website. We use your personal information to send promotional emails and also to make faster deliveries of orders given by you.

Who the information is shared with?

We do not share your personal details with a third party or vendor under any circumstances. We however share it with our affiliates, service providers, and employees only to provide better and more efficient services to you.

How you can correct or edit this information?

You can easily access the information you have shared with us at any time you so desire. You are free to make changes and to edit the information. You even have the right to direct us to not use this personal information any further.

How we store your information?

The safety of your personal information means a lot to us. We take steps to keep this information in encrypted format in highly secure servers. Access to this information is not possible without our approval.

Changes to privacy policy

We reserve the right to make changes in this privacy policy at any time of our choosing. We inform our customers about these changes from time to time but we encourage you to read our privacy policy to see if it addresses your concerns.

How you can prevent misuse of your personal information?

You can at any time ask us to delete any information that you have provided to us. You can also express your concern about the misuse of your personal data.

Effective date of privacy policy

This privacy policy is effective as on 27 April 2017 and shall remain in effect till any further notice from the company.

o What information is being collected
o Who the information may be shared with
o How consumers can correct their information
o How the information is secured
o How you will inform users of changes to the privacy policy
o How consumers can address concerns over misuse of personal data
o This privacy policy is effective as on 27 April 2017 and shall remain in effect till any further notice form the company.